Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meeting Some Vegans From the Internet

Last night I finally met 2 vegans ( Dino and Steve) I have known since March 2006 when I joined the Vegan Freak Forums.  Yes, they are people I met on the Internet.  It's funny how people will tell you friends on the Internet are not "real" friends.  It's true, some of them will just be Internet acquaitances and I consider them as such, not friends.  But others you can tell that one day you will meet and have fun! 

Steve is studying to be a minister and has a blog entitled RANTINGSTEVE.

Dino is a cookbook author and has a blog called Alternative Vegan (just like his cookbook).  I have the cookbook and love his recipes but was really looking forward to actually tasting his cooking!  It was amazing!

On top of what's pictured below, he also made scallion pancakes and fried potatoes.  The lentil soup recipe is available in Alternative Vegan.

Lentil soup, daikon and baguette.

Veggies and pasta.

They came to Montreal to visit the city and Dino has fallen in love with it!  He was even talking of moving here!  Wouldn't it be just fun?

I also met some friends of theirs from New Jersey and others here in Montreal.  I know for my part I had a wonderful evening filled with great food and interesting conversation.

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